Global Tool & Automation Corp. was formed in 1992. It evolved from its predecessor CTS Corp. and J.C. Thompson Tool & Die. With these entities as a beginning, the structure and knowledge-accumulating basis of Global Tool spans more than 50 years. In the early years, our company’s strength lied in the building of dies specifically aluminum foil container dies. In addition, we developed the expertise and the ability to create high-speed in-line thermoforming mold and trim tool packages used to create thin gauge food containers.

With our roots, being a subsidiary of CTS Corporation for more than 26 years it was natural that we would develop into an outstanding builder of special machines. In the late 80’s and into the 90’s, Global Tool, than a subsidiary of CTS Corporation, provided automated solutions to 16 manufacturing divisions of CTS Corporation around the world.

Today, Global Tool & Automation Corp. is know as X-Y Tool & Die and is a fully integrated designer and builder of dies, molds and special machines. Its workforce is composed of skilled Journeyman Tool & Die Makers and Machinists. This group utilizes the most modern equipment to turn designs and concepts into long lasting high quality molds, dies and machines. Our design department has skilled engineers and designers utilizing the most sophisticated 2D and 3D drawing and manufacturing packages to provide prints and drawings of all kinds.

Our die design and manufacturing ranges from simple stamping dies to sophisticated aluminum foil container dies capable of producing containers at up to 150 strokes per minute.

Our forte is the design and build of thermoforming molds and trim tools. Being able to take a product drawing and create a high-speed mold package capable of producing millions of parts at very fast speeds, is an opportunity we see regularly.

In addition to thermoforming, we are able to design and fabricate many types of injection molds from simple two plate molds to the more complex hot runner type molds.

Automation of assemblies as well as value added functions which can be automated or require testing provide the biggest challenge to the professionals at XY Tool. The ability to conceptualize, design and build stand-alone machines or fully integrated cells provides a major share of our business. Global, building upon the many years as a CTS subsidiary, has designed and built special machines for the best known companies in the Midwest.

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