In line with the rapid growth of thermoforming in recent years, Global Tool prides itself on its ability to create world-class thermoforming molds and trim tools. The vast majority of this tooling is plug assist tooling, and is run mostly in ITS, Irwin, Lyle or Brown presses.

The markets served by this tooling are mainly in the food industry. Applications include OPS for clear plastic deli containers and clamshells, CPET applications for ovenable foods usually used by packer processors, and finally foam for meat trays, clamshells, and other thermoformed packaged goods. In addition to these materials, Global has extensive design expertise with polypropylene containers of all kind.

Global Toolís capabilities in the design and fabrication of molds and trim tools start by understanding the customerís base of equipment. Once we have an outline of what equipment a particular product will be ran on as well as design parameters or specifications as required by the customer, Global can totally design the thermoforming mold and trim tool. Beginning with the customer product design, Global does cavity layouts and the corresponding mold design, as well as the trim tool designed to run in conjunction with the mold. Once design is released to the shop floor, an experienced project manager works with an equally adept journeyman tool and die maker who will lead other craftsmen in the fabrication of the mold and trim tool.

If prototyping is required, as is the case in many packaging items, Global provides fast turnaround, usually measured in days or even hours. Usually, the fabrication of the prototype leads to a greater understanding of the finished product to be manufactured in multi-cavity molds.

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