Global Tool also features an extensive program for performing regular tool room tasks and functions. The company has been a manufacturer of varying types of complex dies and molds, servicing many different industries.

On the die side, stamping dies and forming dies of all varieties are within the scope of Global's manufacturing expertise. In addition, we have built compression molds, extrusion dies, and other manufacturing components necessary for various plastics industries. Structural foam molds and injection molds are also part of the services which Global can provide.

Mold and die repair, jigs, fixtures and other standard tool room services are available through Global's varied manufacturing capabilities. In addition, small jobs requiring fine grinding, hole drilling, or other tasks requiring close tolerance work, can be performed efficiently and on a cost effective basis.

Consult with one of Global's process engineers when the need arises for tool room work of a simple nature or as extensive as total design and fabrication of a complicated die or mold.


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